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Indoor fitness path

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· Disability Federation Information 2018-1-3
· 2017 Hebei Sports Equipment latest offer details 2017-12-28
· Qinhuangdao Disabled Persons' Federation visited the disabled families in Funing District 2016-1-28
· State Council's Opinions on Comprehensively Establishing a Living Subsidy for Severely Disabled Persons and a Severely Disabled Nursing Subsidy System [Guo Fa [2015] No. 52] 2016-1-15
· The training course for rehabilitation technicians of autistic disabled children in our province was successfully concluded at Hebei Normal University 2015-12-27
· Hubei practice of culture, science and technology, "three going to the countryside": for the smile of the peasants and the harvest of the earth 2015-12-12
· The Central Propaganda Department and the All-China Women's Federation: Carry forward the traditional culture of "filial respect" and promote the core values at the grassroots level 2015-10-16
· Preparation work for the Ninth National Paralympic Games and the Sixth Special Olympics went smoothly 2015-8-22
· The third weekly regular meeting of the Opening Ceremony of the Ninth National Paralympic Games and the Sixth Special Olympics was held in Shuangliu Sports Center 2015-8-8
· Xin Jinping's congratulatory letter to the delegation applying for the Winter Olympics 2015-7-31
· The Party Branch of the Rehabilitation Guidance Center of the Provincial Disabled Persons' Federation launched the activity of "lower grassroots level, sending technology, giving love" 2015-7-25
· Shengda Huajian table tennis was designated as the ball for the ninth Paralympic Games 2015-7-18
· The 11th Beijing International Sports Film Week helps Shen Dong Olympics 2015-7-14
· Review: 2013 "Shengda Huajian Cup" National Disabled Table Tennis Championships Held in Provincial Capital 2015-7-10
· "Meet and motivate healthy Chinese people" public fitness charity event held in Olympic Sports Center 2015-7-8
· Preparation for the Ninth Paralympic Games has entered the final sprint stage 2015-7-3
· Li Keqiang: Make the life of the disabled more solid and dignified 2015-7-2
· How to better use outdoor fitness equipment 2015-6-18
· Notice of the General Office of the China Disabled Persons' Federation on the Organization and Development of the Ninth National Special Olympics Day [Letter from the Disabled Personnel Association (2015) No. 124] 2015-6-12
· 90% of urban communities in Jiangsu established "10-minute sports fitness circle" May 5, 2015
· The sports industry has become a new non-negligible growth point of the national economy 2015-4-19
· National fitness has become a national strategy, and lack of venues is more common 2015-3-13
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