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Rehabilitation equipment "three-in service"

"Yuanyuan, my brothers and sisters came to see you and brought you rehabilitation training equipment ..." On July 12, Sister Yang, a resident of Yanghe Garden Community in Jiangbei District, greeted the "three-entry" staff enthusiastically. While calling her daughter. After 10 minutes, an accessible exercise bike was assembled in the hands of the staff. Sister Yang tried it on behalf of her daughter. It felt very convenient and practical, and she even thanked her. At this point, Sister Yang's family became the first beneficiary family of the rehabilitation sports equipment, rehabilitation sports method, rehabilitation sports service into the family project (hereinafter referred to as "three-entry service") implemented by Chongqing Disabled Persons' Federation, which also marked the "three-entry service" "The project was officially launched.

This girl became the first beneficiary of "three-entry service" in Chongqing

Yuanyuan smiled happily while chatting

At 10 am on the 12th, the "three-entry" staff came to Sister Yang's house on time. Dong Juncai, the head of the R & D department of Hebei Shengda Huajian Sports Equipment Co., Ltd., after understanding the disability of Sister Yang's daughter's garden (secondary cerebral palsy), installed an accessible exercise bike for the garden's "tailoring". Dong Juncai said that barrier-free exercise bikes are suitable for lower limb exercise activities. They are used for knee, ankle and lower limb muscle exercises, which are helpful for promoting blood circulation. They can also exercise while sitting in a wheelchair, chair or lying down.

Subsequently, the staff came to another house in the community. The head of the household, Zhong Xiyu, suffered from cerebral hemorrhage 5 years ago, which caused paralysis (right body) and loss of language function. According to Zhong Xiyu's actual situation, Dong Juncai believes that an accessible exercise bike is more suitable for his rehabilitation exercise. Zhong Xiyu then tried a barrier-free exercise bike. Seeing her husband's serious exercise, Zhong Liang Yu Liangqing thanked him.

This girl became the first beneficiary of "three-entry service" in Chongqing

Zhong Xiyu smiled happily at the arrival of the disabled workers' federation

This girl became the first beneficiary of "three-entry service" in Chongqing

Dong Juncai teaches Zhong Xiyu to use rehabilitation equipment

Dong Juncai introduced that, in addition to barrier-free exercise bikes, rehabilitation training equipment also includes steppers, multifunctional upper limb trainers and comprehensive exercise machines. The function of the stepper is similar to that of the barrier-free exercise bike. The only difference is that the stepper can drive the movement of the shoulder and elbow joints and can exercise the shoulder muscles. The multifunctional upper limb trainer is suitable for wrist, elbow, and shoulder exercises, increasing the strength of trapezius, latissimus dorsi, scapula, and abdominal muscles, and promoting the recovery of muscle and joint functions or correcting poor posture. The comprehensive fitness machine mainly exercises chest muscles, back muscles, biceps, etc. It can comprehensively train abdominal, arm, back, chest, leg, hip and other muscles to shape the body, enhance human coordination, and is a multifunctional full-body exercise rehabilitation equipment.

This girl became the first beneficiary of "three-entry service" in Chongqing

Accessible exercise bike

It is understood that the Chongqing Disabled Persons' Federation plans to implement "three-entry services" for 20,000 families during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, of which 2016 is a pilot and expanded pilot phase (mainly in Yuzhong District, Dadukou District, Jiangbei District, and Shapingba District). , Jiulongpo District, Nan'an District, Beibei District, Yubei District, and Banan District), the plan is to complete 4,500 households; from 2017 to 2020, it is the stage of full implementation and gradually completes 15,500 households. The pilot area of the project is for the severely disabled persons who do not leave home or are poor in the above 9 districts. Among them, the low-insurance families have priority for severely disabled persons.

This girl became the first beneficiary of "three-entry service" in Chongqing

Multifunctional upper limb training device

The pilot method and content of the project are mainly through the purchase of services for the disabled from the society, the selection of small-scale rehabilitation sports equipment for the disabled, compilation of equipment-related rehabilitation methods and guidance materials, rehabilitation equipment, rehabilitation sports methods, rehabilitation Sports services are sent to disabled families.

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