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Zhang Haidi visits Chiping County, Hebei Province, and visits the disabled


The picture shows Zhang Haidi visiting the poor and disabled people in Xiying Village, Changshancheng Town


The picture shows Zhang Haidi talking to poor disabled people in Xiying Village, Changshancheng Town


The picture shows Zhang Haidi visiting the poor and disabled people in Songwopu Village, Changshancheng Town


The picture shows Zhang Haidi visiting the poor disabled families and understanding their housing situation in Songwopu Village, Changshancheng Town


The picture shows Zhang Haidi's cordial condolences to the disabled and the disabled in Shifenggou Village, Liangfang Township

On January 27, Zhang Haidi, chairman of the China Disabled Persons' Federation, went to the rural area of Chiping County, Chengde City, Hebei Province to investigate the work of disabled people, and visited the poor disabled people.

Chairman Haidi and his party went to Xiying Village, Songwopu Village, and Shifenggou Village, two Fangxiang villages, to understand the living conditions of poor people with disabilities, and kindly consoled four poor families with disabilities and asked them in detail Basic medical and living security, housing, economic income, rehabilitation, employment and other conditions, send Chinese New Year blessings to the disabled and their families.

Chairman Heidi was very pleased to see that three poor families with disabilities have renovated new houses and built barrier-free facilities with the support of the government and the assistance of the Disabled Persons' Federation. Chairman Heidi said that in recent years, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to the development of the cause of the disabled. The state's policies have been continuously improved, and financial support has been continuously increased. The basic lives of more and more impoverished disabled people have been guaranteed and their living conditions have continued. improve. She encourages disabled people and their loved ones to believe that life will get better and better. Chairman Heidi pointed out that it is the most difficult for poor people with disabilities to get rid of poverty. Disabled people's federations at all levels must redouble their efforts to improve their work style, enter millions of households, carefully understand the needs and difficulties of people with disabilities, and timely report the situation of people with disabilities to the party and government To prevent a disabled person from being left behind to ensure that the well-off target of 2020 is achieved on schedule.

Song Cheng, a poor disabled man in Songwopu Village, Changshan Township, suffered a first-level disability because of a car accident. His mother died and only his 75-year-old father took care of him. Chairman Haidi instructed the Disabled Persons' Federation to promptly solve the housing reform in Song Cheng's home and help improve the quality of life of severely disabled people.

Chairman Heidi emphasized that by visiting the poor and suffering, we must better think about how to further improve the work of child care, rehabilitation and volunteer services for the disabled, and we must send the care of the party and the government to every disabled family. Workers with disabilities must extend their work to the vast rural poor areas, and make all kinds of work available to people with disabilities. The well-off of the disabled is not only to eat and wear warm clothes, but also to have a room to live in, sick and medical, and a rich cultural and sports life. The disabled people's federations at all levels must actively solve the most pressing practical difficulties of people with disabilities. They must also call on all sectors of society to help people with disabilities create employment opportunities so that they can integrate into society and share development.

Responsible persons from the relevant departments of the General Office of the China Disabled Persons' Federation, the Ministry of Human Rights Protection, the Department of Rehabilitation, the Department of Education, the Ministry of Sports, the International Department, and the Ministry of Planning and Finance, and the relevant comrades from the Party Committee and the government of Chengde accompanied the investigation.

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