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Disabled People's Federation of Hebei Province Organizes Media Journalist Accessibility Experience Day

The picture shows the event site

The picture shows a media reporter conducting an accessible environment experience

The picture shows a media reporter conducting an accessible environment experience

On August 10, on the eve of the National Day of Physically Disabled Persons 'Activities, the Provincial Disabled Persons' Federation organized a media reporter accessibility experience in Shijiazhuang, the provincial capital. More than a dozen media reporters including Hebei Daily, Yanzhao Metropolis Daily, Hebei TV Station, Hebei Radio, Hebei News Network, Hebei Youth Daily, and Hebei Legal Daily participated in the event.

At the event, media reporters put on blindfolds and held a blind stick to experience the importance of blind roads for the travel of blind friends. Some media reporters took wheelchairs to go to the bank to handle business, and realized that it is not easy for physically disabled people to go out to do business. Lu Liancai, deputy director of the Provincial Disabled Persons' Federation, told media reporters that the barrier-free environment involves special groups such as the disabled, the elderly, and children. It is a basic condition for disabled people to participate in social life, an important facility for members of the whole society, and a city An important symbol of the progress of modern civilization. He called on the media to pay more attention to the construction of an accessible environment in the province and create better conditions for the disabled to participate in social activities.

This event made media reporters feel the convenience brought by disabled people to work, live and travel in the urban barrier-free environment, and experienced the hardships and difficulties of people with disabilities in their daily lives, which further strengthened the news media's Understanding and attention to environmental needs. Publicity through the media will play an important role in promoting barrier-free construction in our province.

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