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Indoor fitness path

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--Seated Exercise Bike

Seated Exercise Bike

Seated Exercise Bike

Name: Seated Exercise Bike

Model number: HJKF-02

Patent number: 201320437441.9

The main function:

It is suitable for lower limb exercise activities, used for knee, ankle and foot muscle exercises to enhance leg strength, cardiopulmonary function, and exercise in a wheelchair. Accessible and safer.

How to use: Sit on a wheelchair (fixed after the upper position), hold the handrail, place your feet on the pedals to step firmly, and do cycling.


Pay attention to safety, move slowly and uniformly, and must be accompanied by a third party during exercise. Children should not use it.

。 The company produces various models of fitness and rehabilitation equipment for the disabled with various functions. Customers in need can contact us directly at 13931765989 .

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