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Sporting equipment (sporting equipment), a general term for various equipment, equipment and supplies used in competitive sports competitions and fitness exercises. Sports equipment and sports are interdependent and mutually reinforcing. The popularity of sports and the diversification of sports events have led to the development of types and specifications of sports equipment.
Similarly, high-quality, stable performance, safe and reliable sports equipment can not only ensure that the competition is played in a fair and fierce situation, but also create the necessary material conditions to promote the improvement of sports level. The human body is an organic whole composed of various organ systems. When playing sports, it looks like only muscles are moving. In fact, the body's breathing, blood circulation and other organs are participating in the activity, and they are all under the command and coordination of the cerebral cortex. Preparatory activities are just to increase the excitement of large cortical nerve cells. Preparatory activities can also increase the body temperature slightly, keep the muscles and tendons in a good state, and have good elasticity and stretchability. Or tearing, which is especially important in winter. When throwing, such as pitching grenades, shots, solid balls, javelins, softballs, etc., you must act according to the teacher's password, and prohibit it, without any carelessness.

HJA-03 Double seat pull trainer

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