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The training course for rehabilitation technicians of autistic disabled children in our province was successfully concluded at Hebei Normal University

The picture shows the start of the class

The picture shows the vice chairman of the provincial disabled federation Lu Liancai speaking at the opening ceremony

The picture shows the training course scene

The picture shows the rehabilitation profession is teaching

On December 24, 2015, the three-day training course for rehabilitation technicians of autistic children in the province was successfully concluded at Huihua College of Hebei Normal University. Lu Liancai, deputy director of the Provincial Disabled Persons' Federation, Xiong Xiulin, director of the rehabilitation department, directors of the rehabilitation departments of the district, city, Dingzhou, and Xinji cities, and more than 60 people from more than 20 designated rehabilitation institutions and rehabilitation technicians in the province participated in the training. .

Vice President Lu Liancai said in the opening ceremony that the training course was held at the Huihua College of Hebei Normal University and was identified by the Provincial Federation of Disabled Persons, the Provincial Department of Education and the Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission as "the first batch of rehabilitation talents for the disabled in Hebei Province." The purpose of the training is to use the excellent teachers of the Huihua College of Hebei Normal University to fully grasp the rehabilitation knowledge and improve the rehabilitation skills of technical staff engaged in rehabilitation of autistic children . I hope that everyone will cherish this learning opportunity, apply the learned knowledge and skills to the rehabilitation work of autistic children , improve the self-care ability of autistic children , reduce the family burden of autistic children , and contribute to social stability and harmony.

Participants in the training have stated that they can benefit from hearing from the professor of autism rehabilitation of Hebei Normal University . It is very necessary and timely. Through training, they have broadened their horizons and broadened their thinking on rehabilitation for autistic children. They will definitely be lonely for our province. Rehabilitation work of children with severe diseases plays an important role in promoting.

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