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Opinion of the State Council on comprehensively establishing a living subsidy for severely disabled persons and a nursing subsidy system for severely disabled persons [Guo Fa [2015] No. 52]

People's governments of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions of the State Council, and agencies directly under the State Council:

Persons with disabilities are special groups of people who need special attention and attention. The party and government attach great importance to the welfare protection of disabled persons. In order to solve the special living difficulties and long-term care difficulties of the disabled, the State Council has decided to establish a comprehensive subsidy for the living of the disabled and the nursing subsidy for the severely disabled (hereinafter collectively referred to as the two subsidies for the disabled). This is an important measure to protect the survival and development rights of the disabled, and it is of great significance to build a well-off society in an all-round way. To this end, the following observations are made:

I. General requirements

(1) Guiding ideology. We will thoroughly implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Party and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Plenary Sessions of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC. In accordance with the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, we will coordinate and advance the "four comprehensive" strategic layout to accelerate the progress of the well-off for the disabled For the purpose, with the needs of the disabled as the guide, strengthen the top-level system design, formulate special welfare policies for the disabled, and gradually improve the social security system for the disabled.

(2) Basic principles.

Adhere to demand orientation and appropriate treatment. Starting with the most immediate, most realistic and urgent needs of people with disabilities, we will work hard to address the difficulties of additional living expenses and long-term care expenditures caused by people with disabilities. Based on the state of economic and social development, determine the guarantee standards scientifically and reasonably, and gradually increase the level of guarantee.

Adhere to system convergence and comprehensive coverage. Pay attention to the effective connection with social assistance, social insurance, public welfare and charity, and strive to form a joint social security for the disabled. We must make up for it and ensure that the two subsidy systems for persons with disabilities cover all eligible persons with disabilities.

Adhere to openness and fairness, orderly and orderly. Establish and improve a unified, convenient and convenient application, review, and subsidy distribution mechanism to achieve transparency, objectivity, and fairness. Strengthen policy evaluation and performance evaluation, and continuously improve the efficiency of the system.

Adhere to overall resource planning and shared responsibility. Actively play the role of the family, society, and government, and form a shared responsibility structure in which the family fulfills its obligations, actively supports the society, and protects the government.

Second, the main content

(I) Subsidies. Subsistence allowances for disabled persons with disabilities mainly subsidize the extra living expenses of disabled persons due to their disability. They are targeted at persons with disabilities in the subsistence allowances. Where conditions permit, they can be gradually extended to low-income disabled persons and other disabled persons with difficulties. The identification standards for low-income disabled persons and other disabled persons with disabilities shall be formulated by local people's governments at or above the county level with reference to relevant regulations and in combination with actual conditions. Severe disability care subsidy mainly subsidizes the additional long-term care expenditures caused by the disabled due to their disability. It is targeted at the severely disabled with a disability graded as Class I or II and requiring long-term care. The mentally disabled or other disabled people have gradually promoted the formation of a nursing subsidy system for all those who need long-term care for the disabled. Long-term care refers to spending on special care consumer goods and care services due to disability that lasts more than 6 months.

(2) Subsidy standards. The two subsidy standards for the disabled are determined by the provincial people's government according to the level of economic and social development, the needs for the living security of the disabled, and the long-term care needs, and are adjusted in due course. Where possible, the level of subsidy can be formulated in accordance with the different levels of difficulty of the disabled to improve the accuracy of the system and increase the intensity of the subsidy.

(3) Forms of subsidies. The two subsidies for the disabled are paid monthly in cash. Where there are conditions, the subsidy categories and standards can be classified in detail according to actual conditions, and severe disability care subsidies can be issued in the form of reimbursement or government purchase of services.

(IV) Policy convergence. Eligible persons with disabilities can apply for both living allowances for the disabled and severe care subsidies for the disabled. Persons with disabilities who meet the two conditions of disability subsidy, but also meet the conditions of welfare living allowance (allowance) and nursing allowance (allowance) for the elderly, disabled due to work, retirement, etc. ), Nursing subsidy (allowance). Disabled children who enjoy the basic living security policy for orphans do not enjoy the subsidy for living with the disabled who is in need, but may receive the subsidy for the nursing care of the severely disabled. The two subsidies for the disabled are not included in the income of the urban and rural minimum living security families. Persons with disabilities who receive work-injury insurance living care costs and include support for the special needy are not entitled to two subsidies for the disabled.

Application procedures and management measures

(1) Voluntary application. The two subsidies for the disabled shall submit a written application to the street office or township government reception counter where the household registration is located. The legal guardians, legal maintenance, support, and support obligors of disabled persons, the villagers (residents) committees or other clients can handle the application on their behalf. To apply for the two subsidies for persons with disabilities, they shall hold the second-generation People's Republic of China Disability Certificate and submit relevant certification materials.

(2) Level-by-level review. Sub-district offices or township governments rely on social assistance and social service "one acceptance, coordinated handling" mechanism, accept two applications for subsidies for persons with disabilities and conduct a preliminary review. Qualified materials for the preliminary examination shall be submitted to the county level disabled federation for relevant review. The qualified materials are transferred to the civil affairs department of the county-level people's government for review and verification. The economic situation of disabled families depends on the checking mechanism of the household's economic situation. The qualified materials shall be submitted by the civil affairs department of the county-level people's government in conjunction with the county-level disability federation to the financial department at the same level for appropriation of funds.

(3) Payment of subsidies. Disabled persons who have passed the qualification examination for subsidy will calculate and pay subsidies in the month they submit the application. The two subsidies for persons with disabilities are issued in a socialized form and deposited into the accounts of persons with disabilities through financial institution transfers. In special cases where cash is required to be issued directly, special supervision measures must be formulated to prevent and eliminate fraudulent collection, repeated collection, and deductions.

(4) Periodic review. Adopt the method of combining the voluntary declaration of disabled persons and regular spot checks by the issuing department, establish a regular review system for the two subsidies for disabled persons, and implement the dynamic management that the two subsidies for disabled persons should be made up and retired. The regular review includes whether the qualifications of the applicant have changed, and whether the subsidy has been paid in full and on time.

Fourth, safeguard measures

(1) Strengthen organizational leadership. All regions and departments must fully understand the importance of comprehensively establishing two subsidy systems for persons with disabilities as an important task to ensure and improve people's livelihood, and improve the working mechanism of government leadership, civil affairs leadership, coordination of disabled people's federations, departmental collaboration, and social participation. . The civil affairs department shall perform the duties of the competent authority, do a good job in subsidy qualification verification, subsidy issuance, supervision and management, and promote the organic connection between the two subsidy systems for persons with disabilities and related social welfare, social assistance and social insurance systems. The financial department shall strengthen the guarantee of funds, arrange the subsidy funds and working expenses in full in a timely manner, and ensure the smooth implementation of the two subsidy systems for the disabled. The central government supports this by increasing general transfer payments. The Disabled Persons 'Federation shall give play to the functions of "representation, service, management", timely grasp the needs of the disabled, strictly manage the issuance of disabled persons' certificates, and do a good job of reviewing the two subsidies for disabled persons.

(2) Strengthen the implementation of the system. The two subsidy systems for persons with disabilities that have been implemented by the locality are smaller than the requirements of this Opinion, and they shall be strictly implemented in accordance with this Opinion. Where conditions permit, the scope of subsidy may be appropriately expanded. It is necessary to improve the social welfare system for the disabled with a combination of subsidies and services through government purchase of services, guidance of market services, and encouraging charitable volunteer services, to promote the development of the service industry for the disabled.

(3) Strengthen supervision and management. Local people's governments at all levels shall include the two subsidies for persons with disabilities in their annual assessments, with a focus on monitoring their implementation. The disbursement and use of the two subsidy funds for persons with disabilities shall be publicized to the society on a regular basis, accept social supervision, and the financial, auditing and supervisory departments shall strengthen supervision and inspection to prevent illegal violations such as occupation, misappropriation and arbitrage. The civil affairs department shall, together with the Disabled Persons' Federation, organize regular performance evaluations of the two subsidies for the disabled, timely handle complaints and suggestions from the disabled and other people, and constantly improve relevant policies and measures to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the disabled. It is necessary to coordinate the establishment of a unified online information platform for the two subsidies for the disabled, strengthen real-time monitoring, comparison, inductive analysis and dynamic management of basic information, and continuously improve work efficiency.

(4) Strengthen policy publicity. All localities should organize study and training in a timely manner, fully grasp the spirit and content of the two subsidies system for disabled persons, and properly organize and implement the two subsidies for disabled persons. It is necessary to make full use of various media to publicize the two subsidy systems for the disabled, create a good atmosphere of public opinion, and guide the whole society to pay more attention to and care for the disabled. It is necessary to fully consider the special requirements and practical difficulties for persons with disabilities to obtain information, and use flexible and diverse forms for publicity and interpretation to ensure that persons with disabilities and their families are aware of the contents of the two subsidy systems for persons with disabilities and the basic application procedures and requirements. It is necessary to do a good job in explaining the two subsidy policies for the disabled in a timely manner, and assist the disabled in going through the relevant procedures conveniently.

The two subsidy systems for persons with disabilities have been fully implemented since January 1, 2016. All localities should formulate and implement implementation methods in accordance with actual conditions, and promote the implementation of related work. The Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, and the China Disabled Persons' Federation shall, in accordance with their responsibilities, promptly formulate specific policies and measures. The State Council will organize special inspections in due course.

State Council

September 22, 2015

(This is publicly available)

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