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Hubei Practice of "Three Going to the Countryside" in Culture, Science and Technology: Smile for the Peasants and Harvest for the Earth

Pictured: The "three going to the countryside" has been promoted for 20 years, bringing joy to farmers and hope to the fields. The picture shows the spring beauty of Yiling District, Yichang City. (Photo by reporter Liu Shusong)

Pictured: On July 23, 2014, an old medic from a military retreat directly under the Provincial Civil Affairs Department braved high temperature and sent medicine to Kuzhu Town, Huangmei County. (Photo by Li Shaoxia)

Pictured: On January 20, 2015, Honglian Lake First Elementary School, Huarong District, Ezhou City, children were attracted by the scientific instruments displayed in the "Three Villages to the Countryside" event. (Photo by reporter Sun Wen)

Pictured: On August 15, 2015, the Provincial Chu Opera Troupe performed in the rural area of Ezhou, and the audience laughed. (Photo by Zheng Yuanchang)

Pictured: On October 25, 2015, a brand-new "mobile library" was opened to cross the beach village of Yidu, and villagers eagerly borrowed it. (Photo by reporter Yang Ping)

The picture shows: science and technology support, making edible fungi become a characteristic industry for farmers in Baokang County to increase income. The picture shows the villagers of Sanxigou Village in Chengguan Town on November 20, 2015. (Photo by Chen Quanlin)

Pictured: On March 10, 2015, the host of Wuhan Radio and TV Station approached left-behind children in Songzhai Village, Xinzhou District. (Photo by Wu Han)

Pictured: On September 8, 2015, farmers in Zhangwan District, Shiyan City were happy to harvest kiwi. (Photo by reporter Liu Shusong)

Look! Here comes the opera actor, the master of agricultural technology, and the white coat ...

listen! Qu Erwan turned to listen, lectures on thirst quenching, and free consultation

The fiery "three going to the countryside" heated up the fields, and the continuous "going to the countryside" warmed the farmers' hearts.


Sending popular science knowledge to the field, backing the free medical kit into remote mountain villages, and bringing advanced culture to the villages and villages ... Looking back, the "Three Villages" has been launched for 20 years.

In October 1995, eight ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Propaganda and the Ministry of Culture, jointly launched cultural activities to the countryside;

At the end of 1996, 10 departments including the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of Health led the culture to the countryside and started the "three going to the countryside" of culture, science and technology and health;

In 1997, the "Three Going to the Countryside" activity involving many departments in our province kicked off in the land of Jingchu.


Wherever the "three villages" team went, the people followed. The key to the continued prosperity of the "three going to the countryside" is to seize the weak links of the "three rural issues" and send more charcoal in the snow.

Think what farmers think, and what farmers want. Before each activity of going to the countryside, all localities and departments must send staff to go to the countryside, listen to farmers' opinions and suggestions extensively, master the culture, science and technology, and cultural needs of different regions and farmers, and adjust the content and form, time and method in a timely manner. The team of "three going to the countryside" has grown stronger and richer in content, and has expanded to send theories to the countryside, policies to the countryside, laws to the countryside, marriage and childbirth, and so on.

The coverage of the activity was expanded from several provincial demonstration sites to 17 cities and prefectures in the province, and the participating members extended from several departments to 26 departments to cooperate and assist the development of content from funding, materials, and projects to intellectual development, Enabling and helping people.

From the government's "garnishing" to the farmers' "la carte", from one-way activities to two-way interaction, from "whatever farmers want," to "whatever farmers want," and "from the countryside" to "often "Township", "stay in township", and "three going to the countryside" flourish from point to line and from line to surface.


Looking at the fields, "Three Villages" spread the seeds of happiness, and changed the lives of countless farmers.

Pan Yongjun, a villager of Lijing Village, Zhugentan Town, Qianjiang City. After the agricultural technology department gave a duck-raising lecture in the village, he set up an egg-duck breeding farm and became a well-known local "duck commander";

Xiang Guoqing, a villager of Xinxing Village, Yanzi Town, Hefeng County, studied loquat leaf processing in a farmhouse, and the loquat leaf workshop became a 1,000 square meter processing plant;

Yin Shaolan, a villager of Laoshan Village, Changgang Town, Ezhou City, suffers from rheumatism. She needs infusion to relieve pain every two or three months. After the village clinic was built, she was treated at the "doorstep."

The masses should benefit, and cadres should be educated. The "three going to the countryside" has strengthened the relationship between the cadres and the masses, and has also helped the working ideas of "three rural" be closer to the grassroots reality.

Yao Shanglong, deputy director of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital. During a medical assistance to poor areas, he learned that about one-third of children with congenital heart disease have lost treatment opportunities due to poverty. Since 2001, he advocated that hospitals reduce medical expenses for them. . As of 2014, 4,912 children had been treated, and a total of 36.7 million yuan in medical expenses were waived. He suggested that experts above the professor level should work at the grass-roots level for a period of time each year to take poverty alleviation work to the next level.

Zhu Shibao, director of the Department of Science and Technology Education of the Provincial Forestry Department, feels that the issues that need to be resolved are often "cross-domain" in the grassroots level. The Department has established an expert service group that divides afforestation, seedlings and flowers, pest control, wetland restoration, forest fire prevention, Rock desertification and other categories, with 3 to 5 experts selected for each category. From annual to on-call, the normalized expert service team better meets the needs of the grassroots. "Three going to the countryside" has improved farmers' ability to get rich, spread advanced cultural knowledge, and improved the level of rural civilization. It is an important measure to coordinate the coordinated development of urban and rural economy and an important way to strengthen the flesh-and-blood relationship between the party and the people in the new era. It is a vivid practice of establishing the party for the public, governing for the people, and serving the people wholeheartedly.


"Three going to the countryside" is a kind of feeling, but also a mission.

Perseverance for 20 years, more than 7 million “three going to the countryside” service personnel in our province went to the grassroots level, sending a total of more than 34 million books, more than 330,000 shows, more than 3.2 million movies, and 810,000 scientific and technological personnel to the countryside It has held more than 300,000 training courses in science and technology, trained more than 33 million farmers, sent more than 20,000 medical teams to the countryside, conducted more than 770,000 medical trainings, and provided more than 12 million doctor visits.

After 20 years of deep accumulation, the "Three Going to the Countryside" has become a well-known and sustainable public welfare brand, a "new beautiful countryside, a new spiritual and civil demand for farmers, a quality improvement of rural economic and social development, and close relations between cadres and the masses." People ’s Heart Project ”and“ Heart Warming Project ”.

The Fifth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party sounded the clarion call for a well-off society in an all-round way, complementing shortcomings and coordinating urban and rural areas is the meaning of coordinated development. Our province will continue to innovate and continue to promote the "three going to the countryside" activity in accordance with the thinking of cities supporting rural areas and improving the integration of urban and rural development, to promote the balanced allocation of urban and rural public resources, and to build beautiful, livable, green and modern new Countryside.

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