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Recommended: Sports Fitness Path, Outdoor Fitness Path, Indoor Fitness Path, Sports Equipment Company Name: Hebei Shengda Huajian Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. Post Code: 062451
Phone: 0317-3698988
Fax: 0317-3698988
Email: huajiantiyu@163.com
Mobile: 13931765989
Contact: Manager Zheng Address: Jinghe Industrial Zone, Hejian City, Hebei Province

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Company Profile
Founded in 2002, Hebei Shengda Huajian Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Jinghe Industrial Zone, Hejian City, Hebei Province. It is located at the intersection of Cangbao Road, Lincangbao and Shihuang Expressway, with convenient transportation and superior location. Is a leading enterprise in Hebei Province research and development, production of fitness equipment. The main products are indoor and outdoor fitness equipment, football training equipment, ski equipment; indoor and outdoor disabled rehabilitation equipment, disabled snow and ice equipment; kindergarten facilities, primary and secondary school children's palace equipment, college and vocational education equipment and other sports fitness equipment.
Our company is keen on public welfare and has donated sports fitness equipment for public welfare. Sponsored the Eighth National Disabled Games in 2011, sponsored the Eighth National Blind Table Tennis Championships in 2012, named the "Shengda Huajian Cup" National Disabled Table Tennis Championship in 2013, and "Shengda Huajian Cup" National Disabled People's Weightlifting Championships, named in 2014 "Shengda Huajian Cup" National Disabled Tennis Championship, "Shengda Huajian Cup" National Blind Table Tennis Championship, and won the "Senior Citizen Disabled", sponsoring the ninth disabled people in 2015 At the Games and the 6th Special Olympics, in 2016, general manager Zhang Lan visited the Rio Olympics as the only special guest in the corporate world. Our company hosted the 2016 National Youth Campus Football Special Olympics Integration Tournament. In 2017, our company was invited to participate in Zhangjiakou Chongli The "China's First Disabled Sports Ice and Snow Season" equipment exhibition showcases our equipment. It has been rated as a caring enterprise by the China Disabled Persons Federation, Hebei Disabled Persons Federation, Hebei Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Hebei Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation, and has been commended and rewarded many times. ( More >> )
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Industry news
· Rehabilitation equipment "three-entry service" 2017-5-3
· Zhang Haidi went to Chiping County, Hebei Province to visit the symptom 2016-2-3
· Warm congratulations on "Shengda Huajian" table tennis ... 2016-1-6
· China Disabled Persons' Federation and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference ... 2015-11-4
· Hebei Provincial Association for the Blind 2015-10-23
· Hebei Disabled Persons 'Federation organizes media reporters' barrier-free body ... 2015-8-12
· China Disabled Persons' Federation goes to the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office to discuss opportunities ... 2015-8-10
· The Ninth People's Republic of China Disabled ... 2015-8-2
· The ninth "National Special Olympics Day" of our province was held in Renqiu 2015-7-23
· The second liaison meeting was held in Chengdu 2015-7-20
Product name : Fun football training device
Fun Football Trainer
Product name: Barrier-free chess table
Accessible chess table
Product Name: Seated Exercise Bike
Seated Exercise Bike
Product name: Shoulder rehabilitation training device
Shoulder rehabilitation training device
Product name: HJA-14 Two-position Stepping Machine
HJA-14 Two-position Stepping Machine
Product Name: HJA-15 Double Space Walk
HJA-15 Double Space Walk
Product name: HJS-16 upper limb retractor
HJS-16 upper limb retractor
Product name: HJS-18 Shoulder Rehabilitation Device
HJS-18 Shoulder Rehabilitation Device
Product Name: HJB-33 Children's Paradise
HJB-33 Children's Paradise
Product Name: HJT-01 Electric Hydraulic Basketball Rack
HJT-01 electro-hydraulic basketball
Product Name: HJT-23 Mobile Volleyball Column
HJT-23 mobile volleyball post
Product Name: HJJ-10 Advanced Computer Metronome
HJJ-10 Advanced Computer Beat
Product name: plate structure 2
Plate structure 2
What is the physical fitness path :
The physical fitness path refers to a general term for various equipment, equipment and supplies used in technical sports competitions and fitness exercises. Sports equipment and sports are interdependent and mutually reinforcing. The popularity of sports and the diversification of sports events have led to the development of types and specifications of sports equipment. Similarly, high-quality, stable performance, safe and reliable sports equipment can not only ensure that the competition is played in a fair and fierce situation, but also create the necessary material conditions to promote the improvement of sports level.

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